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Leasing - Hire purchase
Invest without equity capital expenditure


Leasing is a financing option where the lease object is procured and financed by the lessor. The object is loaned to the lessee for use subject to the payment of an agreed leasing fee (down payment + monthly installments).

Hire purchase is a financing system for mobile investment goods. After contract conclusion the object will be activated in the lessee‘s balance sheet and depreciated according to the depreciation period. Upon payment of the last instalment, the leased object will automatically pass to the lessee’s ownership. 100% external financing complements conventional sources of capital financing and therefore does not burden your company's credit line.

Your advantages

  • Calculation basis: fixed leasing instalments simplify your internal calculations.
  • Preservation of liquidity: 100% external financing, no tied up equity capital.
  • Customised lease payments: You determine the amount of the lease payments. By exact calculation of initial payment and terminal value the leasing period is adjusted to your company's requirements.
  • Costs and benefits: The monthly payments for the object can be financed by current cash revenues.

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Frequently asked questions

In order to conclude a financing contract with WALTER LEASING, you need an existing company. It is also necessary to submit some documents (see next question).
- Character reference
- References from business partners (exisiting and/or future)
- Extract from the Trade Register
- Copy of ID for Managing Director and Owner of the company
The amount of the instalments and the contract period are agreed according to your personal requirements. In addition, item-specific details (age, mileage, etc.) also play a role.
Before signing the contract, you can decide whether a larger deposit, a shorter contract period or a lower monthly installment would be better for you.
We will check your documents within 48 hours and you can collect your desired vehicle.
In general, the vehicles are handed over in our Truck & Trailer Center in Wiener Neudorf, AT-2355. In accordance with an individual agreement, it is also possible to carry out the handover at selected locations in Europe.
Upon payment of the last instalment, the vehicle becomes your property. There will be no additional costs. The automatic transfer of ownership at the end of the contract period is a fixed component of our financing model.
Throughout the entire contract period, the comprehensive insurance is covered by WALTER LEASING. Payment of the comprehensive insurance rates ensures optimal insurance cover and support from our specialists when processing claims.

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